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Meet Our Donors

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Oregon Health & Science University Foundation or Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Here are their stories.

Cheryl and Terry Holden

A Hands-On Approach to Changing Lives

“I learned early on from my father that you have a social obligation to help others. It doesn’t have to be money, but it has to be from the heart.”
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Debi Coleman

Giving From the Heart

Debi Coleman embraced innovation her whole life. Now, the legacy she has left behind will endow the Melvin Judkins Professorship, allowing OHSU to continue the innovative research they are known for.
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Val Brown and Dori Drumm

Inspired by Family

Michael Mooser has been inspired by his family throughout his life.
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Val Brown and Dori Drumm

Something to Smile About

Val Brown and Dori Drumm wanted to help students at OHSU School of Dentistry gain experience in rural and underserved communities. Their planned gift will make it possible.
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Ruth Layton

Committed to the Cause

Ruth Layton knows firsthand the devastating effect Alzheimer's disease can have on a person and a family. Her late husband, Rex, received treatment for this condition for seven years at OHSU.
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Donors Give $2 Billion to Benefit the Health and Well-Being of Oregonians

Seven years ago, OHSU was inspired by Phil and Penny Knight’s historic call to action, and donors rushed to show their support. By June 2015, more than 10,000 donors like you met the Knight Cancer Challenge to raise $1 billion for cancer research and care.
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Herb and Jeannie Sundby

Creating a Legacy of Groundbreaking Research

A legacy of giving first connected Herb and Jeannie Sundby with Oregon Health & Science University. For the Sundbys, making gifts to advance research aimed at treating and curing neurodegenerative diseases was another way to honor Jeannie's family.
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Pat Gunnip with NICU nurse Erin Kellstrom

NICU Volunteer Gives to Help Babies Thrive

Five years. 3,500 hours. That’s how much time retired office machine repairman Pat Gunnip has dedicated to volunteering in the OHSU Doernbecher neonatal intensive care unit. “I am 70 years old and I enjoy this more than anything I’ve done in my life,” Pat said. “I pick up other volunteers’ shifts when they can’t make it because I love it so much.”
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Verona Lynam and Susan Tolle, MD

Giving and Receiving

“To start with, the charitable gift annuity is a win/win for the donor and the charity,” stated Verona. “Many of us, particularly women in our later years, have concerns about outliving our assets, about recession and investment losses and about the cost of living outpacing our annual income.
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Fran Matson

Make a Lasting Statement

Everyone makes statements in life, sometimes consciously and other times without even thinking about it. Whether the statement is wearing a signature color or engaging in community issues, making a statement shows others parts of our true selves.
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Dr. Richard Parker

Gift Honors Mentor and Friend

Dr. Parker created a unique gift, and he embraced a very smart funding mechanism. Utilizing a whole life insurance policy that had provided for the safety of his family during their growing years, Dr. Parker contributed it to the OHSU Foundation to provide the “start-up” funding for the Bennett endowment, thereby utilizing an asset for which he now had little need. He also received a tax deduction for his vision and generosity.
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Suzann and Mike Goger

“Love of Dentistry” Leads to Gift

After selling his practice to his associate in 2000, Dr. Goger continued to practice at that same location until he retired in 2005. But that was not the end of the story. Shortly after his retirement, Dr. Goger took up the role of volunteer, putting his dental expertise to good use for those in need.
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Jon Hanifin, MD Professor of Dermatology

OHSU Professor Creates IRA Gift to Benefit Research

While there has been significant progress through the years in the treatment of eczema, Dr. Hanifin says there is still more to do. That’s one reason why he has made a gift to OHSU from his IRA to benefit continued research into atopic dermatitis.
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Mary Beth Martin and Rosemary McCustion

Have You Planned by Not Planning?

Did you know that state law specifies how your estate will be distributed unless you have made a will or other legally valid estate plans? In general, under the law of “intestate succession”
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Pay Boyer

Everyone Benefits Through Thoughtful Planning

A truly great partnership succeeds when all parties benefit from the arrangement. For Pat Boyer and the OHSU and Doernbecher Foundations, such a partnership began in the summer of 2005.
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