Make a Lasting Statement

Fran Matson

Fran Matson, one of many Sam Jackson Legacy Guild members who attended the 2019 Guild Luncheon.

Everyone makes statements in life, sometimes consciously and other times without even thinking about it. Whether the statement is wearing a signature color or engaging in community issues, making a statement shows others parts of our true selves.

Sometimes, though, you can make an important statement long after you are voiceless. Your will and estate plans can double as an important declaration of who you are and what you value.

Your wishes, your way

What can your long-range estate plans say about you, your values and what you hold most dear? If you are like many people, your legacy will include honoring family and friends. You may want to help grandchildren with education expenses, make sure a sibling is financially secure or give a keepsake to a treasured friend.

You also may want to provide for your community and future generations by including charitable gifts in your will. When you leave bequests to charitable organizations or institutions, your gifts speak volumes about what you value, your hopes for the future, and your desire to make a positive difference (or to continue your impact), even beyond your lifetime.

An expression of philanthropy

There are many ways to make a statement through estate charitable giving. You can leave a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or whatever is left in your estate after other heirs have received the bequests you designate. You may even name a charitable organization to receive what remains in your retirement account or the proceeds of an insurance policy.

You can make your ultimate statement of generosity in a variety of ways. Please contact the gift planning office at the OHSU and Doernbecher Foundations if we can be of assistance in your planning process. We would be happy to help.