Oregon Roots Grow Into a Healthier Future

Gary and Sue Reynolds

OHSU Foundation Board Chair Gary Reynolds and his wife, Sue.

Like many recently retired couples, Gary and Sue Reynolds of Portland have been thinking a lot about the next chapter of their lives. With a shared passion for travel, golf, the arts and wine collecting, they were eagerly planning their next adventures when the novel coronavirus hit. The risk of COVID-19 won't prevent them from living their lives to the fullest, but the pandemic has prompted some adjustments to reflect today's new risks and realities. For Gary and Sue, COVID-19 preparedness began with estate planning.

"With the pandemic in the back of our minds, Sue and I recently sat down to take a fresh look at our financial future and the impact we hope to make with our estate after we're gone," Gary says. "We took a close look at what matters most to us—our shared values, our dreams for our children and grandchildren, our hopes for future. We wanted to make sure our plans took all of that into account."

Gary, co-founder of accounting firm Perkins & Company, and Sue, an accomplished educator, are both Oregon natives. Their family roots reach back many generations and extend across the state. Consequently, they both care deeply about the health and well-being of their fellow Oregonians—especially those in rural communities where access to health care can be limited due to the state's growing shortage of providers. Gary's vision of a healthier Oregon inspired his involvement with Oregon Health & Science University and the OHSU Foundation board of trustees, which he currently chairs.

'Working Toward the Same Goals'

When Gary and Sue sat down to review their estate plan, they quickly realized how much OHSU's mission means to them. "OHSU is working toward the same goals we are," Gary says. "They are leading the way toward a healthier, better educated and more equitable Oregon, and a world free of devastating diseases like cancer."

Gary and Sue zeroed in on OHSU students as the key to achieving their aspirations. Accordingly, they chose to make a $1 million commitment through their estate to establish an endowed scholarship fund at the OHSU School of Medicine. Their gift will support two exceptional medical students every year in perpetuity. And as a lasting tribute to the couple's deep Oregon connections, scholarships will specifically benefit OHSU students planning to practice in rural Oregon communities, while also creating opportunities for underrepresented minorities or students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"This gift is extremely meaningful to us," Gary says. "We have no doubt that our estate will make a tremendous difference in countless lives—not only the individual scholarship recipients but also the thousands of patients they will serve throughout their careers."

Extend Your Impact

Like Gary and Sue, you can support a healthier Oregon (and beyond) for future generations with a gift in your estate plan. Contact the Office of Gift Planning at 503-228-1730 or giftplanninginfo@ohsu.edu to learn more.