Everyone Benefits Through Thoughtful Planning

Pay Boyer

Pat Boyer

A truly great partnership succeeds when all parties benefit from the arrangement. For Pat Boyer and the OHSU and Doernbecher Foundations, such a partnership began in the summer of 2005.

It was then that Pat and her late husband Terry deeded their home in Klamath Falls to the OHSU Foundation, subject to a life estate agreement. Under this arrangement, the Boyers received a current income tax deduction while retaining the right to live in their home as long as they pleased.

This is exactly what Pat did until the summer of 2017 when, at age 94, she moved into a retirement community. “Having the house in OHSU’s name is just one less thing to worry about going forward,” Terry noted at the time. “That’s one less thing for Pat to deal with, if something were to happen to me.” “This has worked out so well for me I wish I had another house to give OHSU,” Pat says.

When the Boyers signed their life estate agreement, they coupled it with a charitable gift annuity, thereby securing for themselves a life income. Since her husband’s passing, Pat has continued to make contributions to the scholarship funds at the OHSU School of Nursing housed at Oregon Institute of Technology. In addition, she has established four more charitable gift annuities.

Through all her annuities and the life estate agreement, Pat has maintained a stable income stream and was able to make a much less complicated transition into her new home. Ultimately, both the OHSU School of Nursing at OIT and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital will benefit from the Boyers’ generous and thoughtful planning. Sounds like a very successful partnership.